MonTEC, or the Montana Technology Enterprise Center is Montana’s premiere business incubator, providing an entrepreneurial community for growth oriented enterprises ranging from health care data analytics to renewable chemistry to coding programs for the tech industry. Located in Missoula, Montana and managed by The University of Montana, MonTEC is currently home to:


Montana Code School

The Audience Awards


Asymmetrical Press

Datasmart Solutions

Montana BioAgriculture

Wintermute Biomedical

Inspired Classroom

Alter Enterprise

VAST Learning Solutions



Fyr Diagnostics 

MT High Tech Business Alliance

If your company is interested in joining MonTEC, please click below and complete the questions to the best of your ability. Once your pre-application is submitted, an internal review of your materials will be conducted and followed by a one-on-one visit regarding goals and objectives.


Are you a creative visual artist? Are you passionate about expressing meaningful messages through art? Do you want to grow your portfolio?  Are you excited about creating a brand visual to be used throughout the UM community and across the State of Montana? If so, Accelerate Montana is looking for an artist like YOU to help us design our brand identity!


What We Are Looking For:

Accelerate Montana (see information below about our programs) is on the hunt for a current or aspiring artist to generate visual imagery for our brand to further unite our programs. The visual imagery will be used on our websites, social media, and print media.  The imagery could be in the form of graphic design, photographic images; line art; animation; caricature; or avatars that embody the types of clients our programs serve or our brand essence.

The visual imagery can represent the uncertainties our clients (current and aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs) experience as they explore their business ideas; the emotions they feel as they gain insight, confidence, and experience successes; the transformative outcomes that come with our services.

Through our programs and services, our clients:

* Overcome the barriers to bringing their ideas to life.

* Say their secret hopes and ideas out loud.

* Build confidence when they doubted themselves.

* Honor themselves and their potential.

* Chart a path to achieve their dreams.

* Find nurturing support when the going gets rough.


How to Apply:

Please submit your portfolio, a design concept*, outline of deliverables, timeline and a proposed cost based on the information by January 31st at 5pm to our to our Submittable Application Platform. From the pool of applicants, the Accelerate Montana team will choose the artist with the style and design concept that we feel best fits our organization and what we are looking for.  The applicant will meet with our team once to discuss the concept, ask questions about each organization, and understand our brand.  From there, we would hope to have up to three weekly revision meetings to create and refine our brand visual imagery. Accelerate Montana has budgeted between $600 - $1,000 for artist compensation.

*Please note that the design concept is just that, a concept.  You do not have to submit a finished piece of artwork to meet the needs of this application.

Your Submission

Please include:

  • Design Concept: A description or conceptualization of what you’d like to create for our brand image.  This can be in whatever format you’d like (written proposal, sketch, mock-up, etc.).  We are looking for an example concept, not a finished product. Feel free to use or reference work from your portfolio or other sources to illustrate your concept. Please understand we have created the design concept with intention as we cannot compensate any artist for work done when creating their proposal.
  • Outline of deliverables: We have three organizations who are coming together for this rebranding (see About Us section below). How many images will you create? What medium will they be in?
  • Timeline: Our hope is to meet with you initially, with three follow-up meetings for revisions and refining. Also, we hope that we can receive final visual imagery by mid-March 2021. Please articulate the timeline for you to develop your work including review rounds with our team.
  • Cost Proposal: Your compensation for completing the deliverables or finishing this project to Accelerate Montana’s needs.


About Us

Please consider the following information about our organization as you build your submission:

Accelerate MT’s Mission: Supporting all people to explore ideas, pursue opportunities, and create the future.

Brand message: We’re with you in your journey.

“We” refers to the staff, programs, and services that Accelerate MT offers; “you” refers to the various people and constituents that utilize our programs and services; “your journey” refers to the process that our clients/customers are going through/undertaking as they explore their ideas, pursue opportunities, and create a future based on those ideas.

Accelerate MT’s Brand Pillars include:

* Empowering:   providing individuals with the skills and confidence, access to resources and expertise and the coaching and support to move forward on their journey

* Inclusive: welcoming and accessible to all, regardless of background, idea or aspiration

* Impactful:  impacting the lives of those we support and empowering them to have impact on their communities, customers, employees or the planet

* Note:  We do NOT intend our messaging to use these words/pillars explicitly; instead, we expect these pillars to be conveyed implicitly in tone, content, examples/testimonials, visually, in our communication, and most importantly, embodied in each and every touchpoint potential clients have with our staff and services. The brand pillars provide consistency and internal alignment for our staff and programs.

Accelerate MT is the umbrella organization for three unique programs:

Blackstone Launchpad: Develop skills and knowledge to explore your ideas and possibilities to start a business/non-profit.  Build confidence, connect with others, stretch your boundaries, get clarity around next steps and find a mentor. Our clients include: Creative individuals (some bold, some reserved, some nerdy, some outgoing—perhaps faculty, staff, student, alumni) who aren’t at all sure that they have an idea worth pursuing, and if so, what is even needed to address that.  They feel lots of conflicting emotions about their ideas:  hopes/fears.

Pursue your Passions: Support for women to explore starting-up their own business or rethinking career options. Education and networks tailored to helping women succeed in a supportive, nurturing environment. Our clients include women (who traditionally identify as women, as well as non-binary genders) of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, temperaments (business women, social workers, healthcare workers, stay-and-home moms, artists, other) who want to do something different with their lives and have ideas, but lack courage/confidence to take the first steps—or have the courage, but don’t know where to turn for help.

Accelerate Montana Rural Initiative: Serving Montana’s rural and indigenous communities, providing access to resources, funding, relationships, and conversations with supportive like-minded people to build confidence and knowledge to pursue possible business/non-profit ideas. We serve rural Montanans of all shapes/sizes/occupations as well as Native Americans (also of all shapes/sizes/occupations) who are fiercely loyal to their communities and have ideas that can solve problems, add value, and transform people.  They, too, wonder where to find a guide/mentor for advice and assistance.


Please submit your portfolio and proposal by 5pm on January 31st.

Feel free to email us with any questions at

Please complete the form below to submit your team application to participate in the next University of Montana NSF I-Corps Site cohort. We look forward to hearing from you!

Questions? Please email Paul Gladen:

The objective of the 4th "F" Fund is to provide very early, pre-revenue funds to active registrants of the Blackstone Launchpad at the University of Montana, i.e. UM students, faculty, staff or alumni to research or validate their product or service ideas.

The objective of the 4th "F" Fund is to provide direct assistance to Montana bioscience entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses in need of money for travel to key conferences, small equipment purchases or temporary staff assistance in relation to proposal development, ect. This fund is designed for maximum flexibility in support of new and established businesses and entrepreneurs in the bioscience industry. 

This is a confidential, proprietary, non-public university record that may not be disclosed outside the University without the approval of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship and the Graduate School Dean.


The purpose of this form is to provide a written, dated notice of your invention or discovery and comply with the MUS Board of Regents’ Patent Policy (available at: A disclosure may also be required in order for UM to meet its obligations arising under federal law and/or to comply with third party contractual requirements.

The Principal Investigator (PI) or lead inventor who is responsible for the development of this invention should complete the Invention Disclosure Form. However, all co-inventors listed in Section 1 must review and sign the Invention Disclosure Form.

  • Please answer the questions with as much detail as possible. Attach additional pages and/or rows to applicable fields as necessary.
  • The PI or lead inventor must sign an original Invention Disclosure Form. 
  • Upon receipt, the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) will date stamp and assign a file number to the invention disclosure for reference purposes. The disclosure will then be reviewed by the Tech Transfer Committee.

If you have any questions, please email

Please call 406.290.9800 with any questions.

Please call 406.290.9800 with any questions.